Our Delicious Dishes

You will love them, as we love them. Check the delicious list below.

Simple & Holistic Saoji Dishes

All our dishes are available only on a pre-order basis. Nothing is available readily as these are time taking dishes. We make it only on an order basis for which the ordering conditions are defined here.

Dal Kanda

Masala Kundru

Bharva Tinde

Paatvadi Rassa


With all the love and quality.

Fresh & Delicious

Quality never gets a low score.

100% Natural Spices

We dont' use any market spices.

Homemade Preservative Free Pickles

We make everything in-house. Our only preservatives are Rice Bran Oil & Hing. To preserve the authenticity and the taste, we don’t use any artificial flavors or colors. It all comes from red chilli powder & turmeric.

Masala Mango Pickle

Meth Amba

Sweet Mango Pickle

Sakhar Amba