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About Us

We are a family kitchen that operates totally from home. Our specialties are our pickles, vegetarian Saoji dishes, and our spicy masale.

Whatever your craving is, if you love Marathi cuisine, we are your destination for delicious delicacies.

For any custom requirement, you can contact us and we will give you the best of what we can.

What We Have In Our Kitty?

With Our Flavourful Dishes We Will Serve You

With us, you get everything. In case of a bulk order, we can discuss it on call or you can put up your requirements here. We provide all of the following:

Our Secret

Use of Fresh Produce

Every pickle that we make comes from freshly sourced ingredients and is made freshly to preserve the natural flavour and taste. 

Keeping the pickles fresh is eventually the aim and it is fulfilled by sourcing the best ingredients and using them to perfection.

Our Bestsellers

We Have A Very Prominent Pickles Inventory

All of our pickles are highly rated and liked by our customers. this love and liking has helped it reach a wider audience in Mumbai, Delhi, and Hyderabad.

Our customers have even sent them overseas to their kids & relatives.

Masala Mango Pickle- Best Seller No.1
Crushed Lemon Pickle- Best Seller No.2
Mix Pickle- Best Seller No.3

Try any one or all of them. You will surely love them.

Our Team

Our Other Products

Not only pickles, we have more to offer and feed you. Sab khilayenge, pure swad ke saath.

Homemade Masale

Dry / Wet

Homemade Dishes

Only on Pre-order Basis