स्वयंपाक: Self-cooking of food cooked by self. We have launched our new foodie site for food lovers who recognize and desire the authentic taste of some special dishes and pickles.

Bharva Tinde

We specialize in

Authentic Homemade Saoji Dishes

Our preparations are fresh and homemade. We don’t prepare and freeze anything. Also, we do not use any ready made market spices. Everything is prepared in house. The difference between market spices and homemade spices can be easily recognized by any foodie. We ask you to just place your first order and taste the dishes and pickles. We promise, you will love them.

Good things take time

To follow this homemade process and execution, we need at least 4-5 hours beforehand to prepare the best wholesome meal for you. Dishes like Dal Kanda, Bharva Tinde, Puran Poli need time to flourish and flavor.

Why स्वयंपाक?

We are not a restaurant or a cafe. We are a home based kitchen that works on per-order basis. Nothing is kept ready and frozen just to fulfill the delivery. Our preparations start from scratch when the order arrives. All our dishes are well known and everyone know what it takes to prepare them.



We work only on pre-order basis. You want it today for dinner, let us know in the morning or before lunch. A complete meal can be prepped for your enjoyment easily.



We don't use ready made spices. All our ingredients are homemade and fresh. Nothing is prepped in advance. Authenticity reflect through these things only.



You get it delivered. Freshly prepared meal, with ideal and hygienic packaging. Delivery details will be shared before we start from here to reach you.



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We serve only Vegetarian Food

This might hurt some Saoji Lovers 😅, but bear with us. You will enjoy the veggie dishes, that’s for sure.