About Us.

A Household Kitchen servicg the best and authentic Marathi Dishes

Our Specialty: Authentic Marathi Recipes

We all have some or other craving for Marathi Dishes. Swayampaak Kitchen is dedicated to fulfill you cravings of some of the most authentic Marathi dishes that you know. Giving you the homely taste with all the flavors to give you that unique experience is what we aim to do.

We are all about homemade recipes. We have a simple home-based kitchen handled by 50 yrs cooking experienced hands. We serve everything starting from curries, rice dishes to desserts. We also specialize in Maharashtrian snacks such as Chivda, Shankarpale, and various other items as required by you.

Our dishes like Dal Kanda, Patwadi, Khaskhas, Puran Poli will give you that flavorsome experience that will make you remember us. Ours is a household kitchen where cooking goes on as it does daily. Which means, if we cook for you, it will be with the same care and love as for ourselves. We being a Marathi family, obviously specialize in the most well known Marathi dishes.


Curries & Snacks on Order

We specialize in the most authentic Marathi dishes which are known to everyone. Starting from curries to desserts, we have it all for your hungry tummy.

If you are looking for quality Maharashtrian food, you are surely gonna love us. We encourage you to order and allow to us to serve your with our mouth watering dishes. So…. what do we provide?


How We Serve You?

Swayampaak Kitchen offers ON ORDER BASIS services. The dishes we provide are for a complete meal on pre-order basis. The conditions for ordering are as mentioned: